To look up, to gaze at the stars and wonder. 

Since the beginning of time, man has looked to the heavens, and he has felt an inexplicable, intangible connection to those heavens.

This profound connection has spawned astrologers, astronomers, explorers, pioneers, philosophers and clergymen who try to explain the fate of individuals and man as a race. 

Grievously, that kinship has eluded man, until now; for the first time, I reveal unto you - the Celestial Combatants. 

Most of the time it happens like this; man creates a situation – great or seemingly insignificant - and this action evokes the Celestial Combatants. 

There are not good nor bad Celestial Combatants, they simply are.  And their outcome, in battle, resolves the situation created by man here on earth. 

Sometimes, and more rarely, this coeval process happens the other way. 

The Celestial Combatants create a situation that we resolve for them. 

Just like us, they too feel an intangible connection to another realm of beings or existence. 

They gaze upon our universe and wonder. 

This meager understanding only scratches the surface of our relationship.

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